Back in 2011, Zamunda.NET was probably one of the world’s most popular torrent tracker sites. The Bulgarian site also doubled as a peer-to-peer exchange network, in which users shared movies, TV shows, music, premium software keys, eBooks, et al. But, those were the good old days when the torrenting site was accessible to everyone, irrespective of any country. Backed by a strong community base, Zamunda quickly became a repository of all pirated content that could be downloaded, and thus invited the wrath to spark copyright lawsuits. Soon, it was being blocked in many areas and various Zamunda proxy sites were created.

Fast forward to 2018 and its main domain is divided into two parts, namely and so that people who live in remote areas of Africa, can download movies, TV shows, and games for free. However, nowadays it has become inaccessible due to ISP restrictions. The only solutions to this threat are the Zamunda proxy and mirror sites that bypass the geo-restrictions imposed by law agencies. Now, you don’t need to change your IP address or use an expensive VPN to bypass the server while using these proxy/mirror sites.

What are Zamunda Proxy and Mirror Sites?

In lieu of a global clampdown on torrent sites, staff and its community webmasters successfully came together to clone their main domains and create proxy/mirror sites to avoid copyright enforcers. Therefore, even if the main domain is not accessible, you can rely on these options to circumvent the geo-restrictions in your country.

The same applies to countries in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Balkans, etc. These Zamunda proxy sites host the same content, torrent files and indexes as the main site because they are all scrapped from the main domain itself. In addition, the content hosted by these proxy/mirror sites is constantly updated with the latest release.

Zamunda Proxy and Mirrors in 2020

S. No.Zamunda Proxy and Mirror sitesStatus

Disclaimer: We don’t promote piracy. This information is for educational purposes only.

There you have it. No matter where you live in, files hosted on these Zamunda proxy/mirror sites are constantly updated with the latest additions. Now, you also need not use an expensive VPN or change your IP address to bypass server restrictions as these Zamunda proxy and mirror sites will suffice. Don’t forget to bookmark this page because we keep on updating the article with latest proxy and torrent mirror sites as soon as they cropp in.

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