Movie streaming sites have picked up steam in the last couple of years. Many new sites, both premium and free, are cropping up by the minute. For those of you not in the loop, YesMovies is another massively popular movie streaming site that allows anyone to watch tons of latest movies and TV series for absolutely free. And, that too without undergoing any registration. Thanks to numerous servers, YesMovies proxy sites and a thriving community of users, it has now become a safe repository to download premium digital content accessible to everyone for free. Moreover, the site updates its content daily that is diversified into various genres which makes it remarkably similar to the YouTube omniverse in that aspect.

However, of late YesMovies has been dealing with a barrage of lawsuits filed by copyright owners who have accused the site of ripping their content. Hence, it has been blocked in many countries. But, you can circumvent the ban and unblock YesMovies via YesMovies proxy/mirror sites. More on them below.

What are YesMovies Proxy Sites?

Since hundreds of thousands of internet users daily visit YesMovies to stream or download their favourite movies and TV series that are deemed illegal by the law agencies, YesMovies has been banned or geo-restricted in several countries by ISPs. The best and only alternatives are YesMovies Proxy sites that merely clone the index, library and host the entire content off the main domain,, albeit on separate servers.

What’s more, these proxy sites are run and maintained by the website’s staff and pro free internet activists themselves so new domains are added quickly if there is action against the current ones.

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As the internet laws are being tightened nowadays, no one knows for how long YesMovies will be able to sustain itself. But, you can make use of these proxy websites cum alternatives that will let you download and stream movies for free.

So, down below I have listed the best working YesMovies Proxy Alternatives of 2020 that will let you download and stream your favorite content for free. No need for you to install any dubious app, simply get on these proxy goodies. Even if the main domain is blocked, you can access its entire library via these free YesMovies alternatives. Let’s get started.

YesMovies Proxy and Mirror Sites in 2020

S. No.YesMovies Proxy and Mirror sitesStatusSpeed
1.Streamyesmovies.netOnlineVery Fast Fast
3.Yesmoviess.ggOnlineVery Fast
4.yesmovieunblocker.ccOnlineVery Fast
5.Yesmoviesc.coOnlineVery Fast
6.yesmovie.ruOnlineVery Fast
7.Streamyesmovies.orgOnlineVery Fast
8.unblocksites.coOnlineVery Fast
9.Yesmoviess.seOnlineVery Fast
10.Yesmovie.isOnlineVery Fast
11.YesMovie US ProxyOnlineVery Fast
12.YesMovie UK ProxyOnlineVery Fast
13.unblock.clubOnlineVery Fast
14.yesmovie.cxOnlineVery Fast
15.yesmovie.unblocked.plusOnlineVery Fast
16.Yesmoviess.orgOnlineVery Fast
17.yesmovie.mediaOnlineVery Fast
18.yesmovie.proOnlineVery Fast
19.yesmovie.bypassed.cabOnlineVery Fast
20.yesmovie.immunicity.cabOnlineVery Fast
21.yesmovie.bypassed.plusOnlineVery Fast
22.yesmovie.bypassed.teamOnlineVery Fast
23.yesmovie.chOnlineVery Fast
24.yesmovie.immunicity.teamOnlineVery Fast
25.yesmovie.unblockall.orgOnlineVery Fast

Disclaimer: We don’t promote piracy. This information is for educational purposes only.

These YesMovies proxy and mirror sites are completely safe to use and offer the same value as the main site. Simply click any of these proxy sites’ links or copy-paste the URL in your browser’s address bar and you will be all set. To check out more free movies and TV series proxy sites, navigate through the links below.

And..that’s a wrap! You can bookmark this page to visit later and be abreast of any new additions. We constantly update this page as soon as we come across a new domain.

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