One of the foremost online streaming sites, Tubeplus is a bang in the free movie streaming realm. Along with this, you can stumble across some of the latest movies, genres in full HD quality in TV shows. What’s more, the site is constantly updated by its owners to serve users’ daily tasks. It is incredibly easy to navigate through the interface and you can exclude movies through genre, actor, date, studio, or search box. However, its main domain,, is not accessible these days due to the bundling of notices of copyright infringement filed by film distribution studios. However, there is still an option to unblock it and that is through the TubePlus proxy and mirror sites. What are these? Read on…….

What are TubePlus Proxy and Mirror Sites?

One factor (piracy) can be cited as the reason for the website being banned in many countries. As Tubeplus became a hub for illegally streaming free movies and TV shows, the wrath of law agencies was imminent. The lawsuit that followed was a subsequent ban that shattered the hopes of many users. However, the Tubeplus Proxy and Torrent Mirror sites were soon launched as a sign of rescue by the original site owners.

These sites are just clones of the original site and host its entire index, library, and database on separate domains. They are regularly updated with the latest movies and TV shows such as flash, suits, and stranger things, etc., as do the employees of Tubeplus themselves. Furthermore, these sites are safe to use online and are absolutely easy to navigate through as they sport the same interface as

Now, another option that you can use is the Premium VPN which could mask your IP address and route your web traffic through its own server. However, VPNs cost more than a dozen and may prove detrimental to download speeds which may lead to slower streaming experiences and/or malformed site interfaces going forward.

Therefore, the best options at your disposal are Tubeplus Proxy and Mirror sites which are not only safe and reliable options but also unblock the main domain in remote geographical locations. Let’s get started

10+ Best TubePlus Proxy and Mirror Sites List of  2020

S. No.TubePlus Proxy and Mirror SitesStatus

Disclaimer: We don’t promote piracy. This information is for educational purposes only.

There you have it. The above mentioned TubePlus proxy and mirror sites will suffice in getting the main domain unblocked in your region. Now even you don’t need a two-bit script or expensive VPN or fancy software to bypass the geo-restrictions! Simply click on any of the given links and it will redirect to a proxy site where you can stream tons of free movies/TV shows.

And…that’s a wrap! Did you like our latest rundown on TubePlus proxy and mirror sites? Sound off in the below comment box.

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