Despite being banned, Torrenting is quite popular using proxies and mirror sites, but many TorrentDay proxy and mirror sites are fake and not safe for your device. And now if you are thinking that from where will you get safe TorrentDay Proxies which you can use without having any risk, then stay right here.

In this article, we will provide you the safest TorrentDay Proxy and Unblocked TorrentDay Mirror Sites which are completely safe from viruses and malware. You can use them at any time to download content to your device.

Top 20 TorrentDay Proxy and Mirrors of 2020

What is TorrentDay?

For those who are not in the loop, Torrentday is another popular BitTorrent website that caters to a large number of viewers who want to download high-quality torrents for free. The website offers the latest movies, TV episodes, software, games etc., which can be easily downloaded even with slow internet speed. However, one needs to register to download the content from the website.

Is TorrentDay Website ban?

This has become a common issue with every torrent website. Due to content piracy, many countries have blocked these sites for users not to access them in their region. The same applies to Torrentday. However, if you still want to use its contents, then you will have access to either VPN or proxy sites. But, if you use a VPN they can slow down internet speed, so the best way is to use proxy and mirror sites.

These websites are replicas of the original Torrentday website and share the same database, albeit points to different domain names. Therefore, even if the main domain in your internet connection is blocked or the website is down, you will still be able to connect to these sites to download your content.

20+ New Torrentday Proxy and Mirror Sites of 2020

S. No.Torrentday Proxy and Mirror SitesStatusSpeed
1 Fast
4 Fast
8 Fast
14Torentday ProxyOnlineVery Fast
15TorentDay Unblock ProxyOnlineVery Fast
16Unblock Torrent ProxyOnlineNormal
17TorentDay UK UnblockOnlineFast
18Torrentday US ProxyOnlineSlow
19Torentday Proxy SiteOnlineVery Fast
20Unblocked Torrent SiteOnlineFast
21Torentday ProxyOnlineNormal
22TorentDay AlternativeOnlineSlow
23TorentDay Mirror SiteOnlineVery Fast

Disclaimer: We don’t promote piracy or any adult contents. This information is for educational purpose only.


Today, it is quite difficult to access basic torrent websites as many ISPs are blocking them in their area. But, you do not need to worry as the above list of TorrentDay Proxy and TorrentDay Mirror sites will allow you to use Torrent Day without facing any legal problems.

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