Torlock is undoubtedly one of the best torrenting sites in the world right now. The site offers a humongous collection of Movies, TV shows, Games, Movies, eBooks and Software that users can download from its library. But like many other torrenting sites, access to the Torlock website is banned in by ISPs and thus users in many countries are unable to access the P2P files. If you are a Torlock site lover and want access to its contents in your region then stay right here. In this article, we will guide you with alternate options to browse Torlock as well as download the torrent files even if it’s blocked in your country.

Is Torlock blocked?

Now then you know that the Torlock website is facing ban issues in many countries. But the good news is that you can still access the website. There are two popular methods to bypass the ban and unblock Torblock’s website. You can either use Torlock proxy and mirror sites that have all the data from Torblock – but pointing to a different domain name. In case the proxies don’t work, then you can connect through VPNs that will encrypt your traffic and route all of it through their own servers. So, your network doesn’t know which sites you are visiting. In fact, the firewalls see only it as traffic going and coming through the VPN server and not as a P2P or torrent connection. Besides, using VPNs also changes your IP and lets you access other sites anonymously that are not available in your network.

But there is a drawback, if you use a VPNs then it slows down your downloading speed. Therefore, Torlock Proxy and Mirror sites are only better options as of now. These sites are the clones of the original website which is maintained by Torlock staff or volunteers.

So, are you ready to access Torlock content? We have prepared a list of best Torlock Proxy and Mirror sites that you can use to connect with the Torlock website directly via your web browsers.

15 Torlock Proxy and Mirror sites of 2020

S. No.TorLock Proxy and Mirror sitesStatusSpeed
2 Fast
5 Fast
9https://www.upload.partyONLINEVery Fast
10Proxy 1ONLINESlow

Disclaimer: We don’t promote piracy. This information is for educational purposes only.

Final words

People across worldwide want to download content using Torlock, but due to ISPs ban it is blocked in some regions. Countries like the United Kingdom, Italy, India, Denmark, Finland, and the Netherlands are a few to name who have imposed the ban on the TORLOCK website.

Even when Torlock’s content is blocked, you still have access to this site. All you need to do is just visit the sites by using the aforementioned proxy and mirror links. You can safely access the site and its contents in your region. But make sure to use a VPN service when you are using the mirror links to download content.

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