Have you ever visited a torrent website that offers you all the content you need, be it movies, music, web series, and what not hassle-free? Obviously such websites are very hard to find because sometimes they have one glitch or the other and sometimes they are just banned by the government because of piracy reasons. Don’t worry if you haven’t had the pleasure of such a website, because if you are a true free content lover you are in the right place. We will tell you how to find your favorite content for free.

Tamilrockers is one such peer to peer torrent website that helps download movies in India. It started in 2019 and soon became the talk of the town because it allowed easy access to downloading movies through magnet links and torrent files. But the government had to block direct access to this website because it provided the users with pirated movies even before their release dates. Fortunately, you can still access Tamilrockers using Tamilrockers proxy and mirror sites available on the internet.

How to unblock TamilRockers?

Tamilrockers proxy sites and VPNs can give you access to Tamilrocker’s official content. Proxies too can help bypass the ban and allow access to download HD movies and TV shows in Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam and, of course, Tamil languages without any restrictions.

Below listed Tamilrockers proxy servers will allow you to access Tamilrockers.ws in case it is blocked in your area or PC.

  1. Tamilrockers proxy 1
  2. Tamilrockers proxy 2
  3. Tamilrockers proxy 3
  4. Tamilrockers proxy 4
  5. Tamilrockers proxy 5

Suggestion: We recommend you use ads blocker plugin to avoid the pop-up ads.

Unblock Tamilrockers through VPNs

VPNs (Virtual Private Network) are one of the safest ways to access blocked sites by keeping your identity hidden from ISP. It keeps your identity protected from the ISP as well as provides you a layer of security.

How to use it?

  1. Download and install a good VPN
  2. Enable your VPN
  3. Connect to a VPN server
  4. Open Tamilrockers

Please note that both free and premium VPNs can be used to protect the identity however a free one can slow down your movie downloading speed. Hence, choose a VPN service wisely. A premium may cost some bucks but they provide fast browsing and download speeds.

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Access through Browser!

Using Tor Browser allows you to access the content over the internet anonymously by using onion routing method.

If you want to access blocked websites the following steps will help!

  1. Download Tor Browser
  2. Extract zip folder from your computer
  3. Install step by step
  4. You are now ready to access


Tamilrockers is one of the most popularly used websites and a favorite of the movie lovers, however, because of the piracy issues that were when Tamilrockers started to upload unreleased movies, it had to be blocked in many countries and now people cannot access it using original domain names, however, their servers are still working and Tamilrockers can be accessed through proxy and mirror sites.

Frequently Asked Questions – TamilRockers proxy sites

Q.1  Who administers Tamilrockers?

We don’t really know who administers it but the Tamil Nadu police arrested 5 individuals from Coimbatore. They were alleged to have connections with Tamilrockers.

Q.2 Can I download movies from Tamilrockers proxy sites?

Yesss! You can download the latest movies, music and what not.

Q.3 Is it legal to download free movies using Tamilrockers?

Torrents are illegal in many countries. Tamilrockers offers pirated movies, which is illegal in India therefore you might end up in trouble.

Q.4 Can Tamilrockers be accessed and unblocked?

Yes! VPNs is the safest way you can bypass the ban.


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