Started in 2006, Liveleak is a well-known video uploading and sharing website. The truth of various arrangements of legislative issues, war, and destructive opportunities through the intensity of reporting. In fact, it is one of the popular sources of a wide range of viral videos, it is science, legislative issues, sports, entertainment, and news. Despite the fame LiveLeak has gained so far, the website misses hot and important topics. Be that as it may, fret not! We have collected a list of sites like Liveleak that will definitely meet your video content needs. These LiveLike options include millions of online videos for free.

  • Metacafe
  • DailyMotion
  • Vimeo
  • Break
  • YouTube
  • My Vidstar
  • Putlocker

Top 7 Sites like LiveLeak in 2020

1. Metacafe

You might find it similar because their user interface has enough similarities. There is a huge collection of video libraries in categories such as comedy, science, sports, pop culture, how-to, video games, entertainment, et al. In addition, Metacafe is constantly updated with new videos and features such as trending, latest, popular, videos that make the site a snap. Like other video streaming sites, Metacafe allows users to watch videos without signing up. Notably, this site also hosts the 18+ content which you can check in the categories section.

2. DailyMotion

If you are interested in knowing the latest trends, Dailymotion should be the destination for you. The website tells you about the happenings around the world. Like YouTube, you can follow video channels that will help you post your content to your feed and then you can watch them later when you visit the site. And, the best thing is that the website is free to use.

3. Vimeo

Undoubtedly, it is one of the best sites like LiveLeak. The platform offers free video content through its online platform, although it also has a paid subscription that offers even better features. That being said, Vimeo is more organized than many of its peers. It is best known for high-quality videos from both hosted sites and user-created content.

4. Break

It is likely to be a good alternative to Liveleak but it is definitely not a mainstream site. Many people are not even aware or have heard of name break. However, the website has really good stuff, especially if you like fun content that includes pictures and videos. You can jump straight into the funny category which has many funny videos. You can either browse the content as a guest or register on the site.

5. YouTube

YouTube doesn’t need an introduction among internet users. It is one of the most used sites for all types of content in education, entertainment, news, and more. These can be streamed for free. However, they have come up with a premium that is still in its beta phase. Interestingly, the platform allows users to create their own channels where they are able to upload original/curated content. In addition, if someone has gained popularity and has a good number of customers, he can commercialize.

6. My Vidstar

The site is different in terms of functioning and orientation, making it a great choice for Liveleak. But the site has some drawbacks for example. There is no classification and only the user can manipulate the latest, most viewed and popular and recent ones.

7. Kill Some Time

Although Kill Some Time is not something that is popular, it makes an excellent inclusion in the category of sites similar to LiveLeak. It is well organized within categories such as funny videos, spoilers, games, pictures, fight videos, jokes, most popular and many more. The one thing you will like the most about this site is that you do not need to sign up for it. Apart from this, jokes and funny videos, you can also play some flash games here.

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