Started in 2005, SeedPeer initially went by the name of Meganova and gained a lot of attention and until it got rebranded in 2007. SeedPeer perhaps is one of the grand old P2P torrent download sites offered verified torrents by that one could browse through tons of Hollywood movies, TV shows, premium software, games, and music and download them all for free. In fact, it’s in the same vein as top torrenting sites such as Kickass Torrents, The Pirate Bay, Extratorrents, BTScene, Torrentz2, etc. Albeit, of late, Seedpeer has been blocked by ISPs in many countries citing copyright infringement as the main reason. So, if you are not able to access its main domain (, chances are it has been geo-restricted in your country.

So, how could you bypass the ISP ban and access the website like in the good old days? The best alternative is to use SeedPeer Proxy and torrent mirror sites. What are those? Read on…

What are SeedPeer Proxy and Torrent Mirror Sites?

Due to Internet copyright laws, there has been a global crackdown on major torrenting sites such as Kickass Torrents, EZTV, Demonoid, Extratorrents, The Pirate Bay Torrentz2, BTScene, etc. who have all faced the wrath of ISPs in several countries. In lieu of the widespread crackdown on torrenting sites, SeedPeer, too, has been banned at the behest of copyright enforcers. But the good news is that one can still access the site via SeedPeer proxy and torrent mirror sites. These sites are a mere replica of the original site and host its entire database, torrent files, and index albeit on different domains. Plus, these proxy and mirror sites are run and administered by SeedPeer’s staff who want to supply unhindered access to the first website to users across the planet.

Are there other Alternatives to get SeedPeer Unblocked?

Yes, there are other methods to bypass the ban on your favorite torrent site. You may prefer using VPNs that bypass geo-restrictions by masking your IP address. Additionally, it will also hide your web browsing history. But, VPNs tend to slow down the internet and can also be detrimental to download speeds. And, SeedPeer proxy and torrent mirror sites face no such constraints. Nevertheless, you can use a free VPN service along with these proxy and mirror sites if you are iffy about exposing your privacy online.

Henceforth, even if SeedPeer is inaccessible through its main domain in your country, you could still bypass all geo-restrictions and download tons of free Hollywood movies, premium software, games, etc. via SeedPeer proxy and mirror sites. Let’s get started, fellas.

SeedPeer Proxy and Mirror Sites List of 2020

S. No.SeedPeer Proxy and Mirror SitesStatusSpeed
1seedper.meOnlineVery Fast
2mrunlock.pwOnlineVery Fast
3torrentzmirror.xyzOnlineVery Fast
4nocensor.bidOnlineVery Fast
5123unblock.partyOnlineVery Fast
6megafiletube.pwOnlineVery Fast
7torrent2.loanOnlineVery Fast
8mrunlock.pwOnlineVery Fast
9prox4you.funOnlineVery Fast
10torrent3.xyzOnlineVery Fast
11seedper-eu.prox.funOnlineVery Fast
12sitenable.pwOnlineVery Fast
13sitenable.infoOnlineVery Fast
14sitenable.coOnlineVery Fast
15freeanimesonline.comOnlineVery Fast
16siteget.netOnlineVery Fast
17sitenable.chOnlineVery Fast
18freeproxy.ioOnlineVery Fast
19sitenable.topOnlineVery Fast
20torrentworld.pwOnlineVery Fast
21filesdownloader.comOnlineVery Fast
22seedper-eu.unblocksites.pwOnlineVery Fast
23unblocked.gdnOnlineVery Fast
24UK ProxyOnlineVery Fast
25SeedPer UnblockedOnlineVery Fast
26US ProxyOnlineVery Fast
27unblocksites.coOnlineVery Fast
28ukunblock.menOnlineVery Fast
29Seedper AlternativeOnlineVery Fast
30seedper.unblocked.mxOnlineVery Fast

Disclaimer: We don’t promote piracy through our medium. This information is for educational purposes only.

We attempted including as many as SeedPeer proxy sites in our rundown as could be expected under the circumstances. Furthermore, this list is updated with the new and verified torrents by the Seedpers’ staff in order that legions of SeedPeer users face no hassles in downloading their favorite digital content.

And…that’s a wrap! Did you like our article on SeedPeer proxy and torrent mirror sites? We reckon you to bookmark this page to stay posted about more free proxy and mirror sites as we constantly update this list.


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