Do you love watching some content or the other with your friends and family in real-time? Well, Rabbit, or as it is called has allowed its users to watch content for free. It does not host any content on its server but instead, it allows the users to explore different websites and its contents via a web browser-based application called Rabbitcast. It offers features such as creating a room, invite friends, and share content with them. There is text and video chat along with other functions as well.

Unfortunately due to Sporadic issues had to stop its services and the website is not accessible anymore.

Rabbit recently sold its assets to Kast and Kast did promise to bring back all the Rabbit features but it’s taking a little longer than expected so until Kast brings back the rabbit vibe we have listed some alternatives for you which are totally free,

  • Metastream
  • Watch2gether
  • TogetherTube
  • BlaTube
  • SynapTop
  • MyCircle.TV
  • Netflix Party
  • Airtime
  • Simulchat
  • Rave
  • Kast

11 Best Sites Like Rabbit: Rabbit Alternatives 2020

1. Metastream

It is an amazing site like rabbit mostly because of its unrivaled live synchronized playback. It also has an incredible interface with an on-screen chat option, user management, and video queuing. It also pins the streaming giants like Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, etc.

2. Watch2gether

Allows you the access of YouTube, Amazon, Facebook, Vimeo, and Dailymotion, music can be accessed from Soundcloud and Twitch streams. It offers a chat room experience and lets you invite your friends. It doesn’t allow you to log in to third party accounts that means you can’t have access to Netflix or Hulu but you still have reached to a large library of free videos.

3. TogetherTube
It gives a stunning synchronized playback, powerful moderation tools, and a voting system that makes togethertube easy to use and lots of fun! It also comes with the ability to change chat room settings and change name if group chats or restrict other users to vote in the content.


It allows users to watch videos in-sync together. The service is free and there are no registration requirements. The option of watching videos and chatting via video chat and voice or text chat is also available moreover you can share Dropbox files with friends easily.

5. SynapTop

In addition to this list, SynapTop lets you read e-books without any interruption and provides real-time collaboration in the form of text messaging and other chatting options. Services are available on all operating systems like Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, and Android.

6. MyCircle.TV

Launched in 2011 it allows the users to upload their own videos and share them with peers via private chat rooms and the users can manage existing chats conversations and create or manage playlists easily. The interface is clean and appealing and it is free for everyone.

7. Netflix Party

Being a co watching platform it runs on a web browser. It allows watching only Netflix content with your friends or group of friends. It offers synchronized video playback as well as group chat facilities, in addition to that it also supports emojis, GIFs, and typing indications.

8. Airtime

It allows the users to watch YouTube videos together, tune in music, and use chat room facilities, It can add up to 10 users in a room. Airtime underpins audio commentary and media playback. Besides, you can share photographs, short video cuts, messages all while watching videos with your companions.

9. Simulchat

Simulchat offers a lot of features like This platform runs through a remote connection. It allows you to watch content from YouTube, Dropbox, etc. It also allows you to share content or upload your own content and manage it in real-time. Users can even make video calls together.

Simulchat restricts access to Netflix, Amazon etc however you can share or play your own videos and watch them with your group.

10. Rave

Rave is another site like Rabbit. The web-based platform that runs through a remote connection. The free to use platform lets you stream and watch video content from platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, Viki, Google Drive, and Reddit.

11. Kast

It is a computer-based software that lets you chat, share, and video and text chat and only run on windows and macs. Rabbit sold off its assets to Kast in 2019 and it’s yet to bring out the exact rabbit feature but can be used to host movie and TV streaming with 100s Of friends.

Wrapping it up

And, that’s a wrap! Did you find our rundown of 20 best Rabbit alternatives helpful? While compiling the list, we ensured all the options have extraordinary synchronized playback. So, regardless of whichever one you select, you will make some incredible memories watching content with your companions. Let us know which sites like Rabbit are your favorite ones.

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