Have you ever used a Credit/Debit card or simply any payment application? Almost all of us sometime or the other have used these methods of payment, money now is not just about cash and cheque’s, in this digital world money has spread its branches wide. Now we don’t need cash to pay our phone bills or electricity bills or even shopping, all we need is a card or a payment application. It is noticed that because of the widespread use of plastic money people tend to spend a lot more than they would’ve spent with cash money, that’s maybe because they don’t feel their pockets feeling lighter as they are just a click or swipe away from transferring the money.

As the expenses increase so it automatically becomes important for the person to keep track of where the money’s being spent with better money management. But in this busy world who has the time to keep one on one track of where all the money is going? Worry not, your smartphone is on the rescue! All you need to do is install apps that are going to do the tacking of money work for you, these apps can manage your daily expenses, monthly bills, mobile bills, keeping track of your online subscriptions and even handle your expenses.

We created a list of apps for your money management problems that are available on Google play for all Android Smartphones.

Best Money Management Apps For Android Smartphone users

Note: These apps aren’t listed in any preference order so you can choose any app that best suits your own needs.

1. Walnut Money Manager

If you are looking for a reliable and secure money management app then Walnut Money Manager is one of the best apps that automatically tracks your daily/monthly expenses. It manages with the idea of WHAT, WHERE AND HOW you spend your credit card by analyzing the SMS inbox and detects messages related to your spending, bills, etc. Along with the regular features, this app also helps you transfer money for free and find you a nearby ATM as well.

2. Monefy

It’s simple interface and rich features will let you track your expenditures easily. The income sources are also categorized In Deposits, Salary, and Savings. This app also gives you an option to synchronize data between all your devices. It also helps you to create or change records. Other features include inbuilt calculator, multi-currency support, passcode protection, synchronization with Dropbox and much more

4. Money Manager

The recording of personal and business transactions, reviewing your daily weekly and monthly data can be easily done by this app. The transfer and recurrence function will manage your salary, insurance, term deposit, and loan payment easily. Other features include asset management, passcode feature, bookmark, and an inbuilt calculator. The app also lets you backup and restore data.

5. Spendee

This app helps you understand your finances so that you can make smart decisions related to your expenses. Ultimate bill tracker function will remind you to pay for gas, water, loan etc.

You can keep your expenses private by putting a password on it and export data in a spreadsheet and share or store it to your desired location.

Summing up

Money management apps have made it easy for people to keep track of their earnings and there are many other management apps for your expenses but we have personally tested these apps for you to have a great experience when it comes to your money management.

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