You wake up early and go for a run. It feels good to burn some calories, right? The next day, You skip running and sit on your couch, eating a cheesy pizza with Coke. We all have done this, haven’t we? One moment we decide to follow a strict diet and break a sweat in the gym. Unfortunately, before we know it, our motivation has died and we are back to square one.

So how about an incentive which would tempt you to get off from your bed and workout? Let’s be honest. Money is the best motivator. Here are the mobile apps that pay you to workout. Sounds interesting, right? Let’s check out them all.

Mobile Apps That Pay You to exercise in 2020

1.  Healthy Wage

What if you and your friends benefit together from a health app? Healthy Wage is one such app that focuses on groups- whether it’s your group of friends, colleagues, family or some other group entirely. Healthy Wage brought in the concept of social dieting.

According to Healthy Wage, research has proven that monetary incentives and games are powerful weight loss tools. If you add accountability and a well-defined structure, it’s social dieting at its best.

Here’s how it works. First, register yourself on the website, set your target, weigh yourself and you’re good to go! If you lose weight in the set deadline, you get the reward. On top of that, you can join forces with your friends or family. There’s a team weight loss challenge, where you and your group can lose weight together to earn more. Now that sounds fun, doesn’t it?

It’s a fantastic way to burn calories, and peer pressure along with financial reward become strong motivators to push your limits.

2. Pact

Pact is another app which pays you to achieve your fitness goals. What do you have to do? Every week, you are supposed to make a ‘pact’ to exercise more or eat healthier. Sounds easy, but there is a catch to it. If you failed to fulfill your goal, you have to pay other Pact members. That is genius, right?

You can also track your progress on the app and earn rewards for following a healthy lifestyle. What if others don’t? Well, their loss is your profit as the money goes directly into your pocket!

You can choose from three types of Pacts. You can either make with all three or just one. The type of pacts includes a gym Pact, veggie Pact, and food logging Pact, which is useful for you to stay in shape, eat more healthy and record your meals.

3. DietBet

As the name suggests, DietBet is another mobile apps that pay You for dieting. But there are more features that sets DietBet apart from the other apps.

Basically, you’ll place a bet on yourself to lose weight, and if you are successful, you and your group can split the reward. You can either start your own game and challenge your friends or choose from the games in the app.

There are three game categories. In the Kickstarter game, you are supposed to lose 4% in 4 weeks. The Transformer game requires you to lose 10% in 6 months and lastly, the Maintainer game involves balancing the weight for 12 months. That sounds like a real challenge, isn’t it?

You’ll put all the money in a pot, and at the end of set deadline, all members who have lost, let’s say 4% of body weight after four weeks gets to split the pot.

To make it more interesting and avoid cheating, Dietbet also requires you to put a photo of you on a weighing scale and a photo of the readout. A referee reviews each photo.

Within 24 hours of your final weight record, the pot is divided among the winners and they can redeem their rewards via PayPal.

4. Runnister

If you are a running enthusiast, then Runnister might be perfect for you. This app provides a different approach to improve your health regime and help you to stay fit. It will reward you for two types of activities: running and walking.

Its working is quite easy. You just need to download the app for free and start earning dollars. To get the rewards, fill in a set of questionnaires based on your lifestyle. Basically, Runnister functions on market research.

Moreover, Runnister can also be used as a fitness survey tool and offers a huge variety of statistics and survey reports on its website. It also allows you to link your PayPal account and redeem your earnings or donate it to charity.

In case, you are not interested in participating in the surveys, you can upgrade to Runnister Plus, which offers the same features without the surveys. It’s available for $4.99 per month and is charged to iTunes at purchase confirmation.

5. GOODcoins

GOODcoins is an online portal that encourages you to walk, run or cycle for 30 minutes daily and earn GOODcoins. These GOODcoins can be used in the GOODcoins shop which offers natural and organic products.

You just have to request an invitation for joining and connect to a device. GOODcoins also has a lot of challenges, offers, and surveys to make your healthy routine more rewarding.

In fact, you can donate your earnings to a charity which is another positive motivator for exercising daily. It’s beneficial for all the parties involved.

6. Bounts

Founded in the UK, Bounts is an app which lets you connect your favorite fitness apps and devices or track directly from your phone pedometer to earn rewards.

You can use these points to join challenges such as Kudos, Chance of a Reward and Guaranteed Reward challenges. You can redeem these points on Bounts’ online store which offers a wide range of sportswear and gadgets.


As you can see, there are a plethora of options when it comes to fitness apps. But you should research in-depth and choose the one which fits your requirements the best. A healthy competition among your friends goes a long way toward staying fit and getting results. Staying fit becomes more enjoyable if you are being paid for burning calories. Ultimately, it’s you who is going to benefit from a healthy lifestyle.

And…that’s a wrap! Did you like our list of mobile apps that pay you to workout in 2020? Did we miss out on any other app that you know? Sound off in the comments section.

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