GloTorrents is a popular torrent site amongst netizens who are especially fond of downloading multimedia content for free. The site host torrent files for the latest movies, TV shows, music, games, software, adult videos, HD pictures, Ebooks, and many more. But, users are not able to connect with the site anymore due to copyright infringement as well as leaking of sensitive contents. And, they are figuring out a reliable alternate option. However, one should not worry about it as there are many GloTorrents Proxy and mirror sites that help to gain access to the site.

Why is GloTorrents blocking users now?

Some users have reported that they are not able to connect with GloTorrents. Many users reported that they have been blocked by sites administrator. Why? It is technically believed that the blocked users have violated the rules and regulations related to the privacy, secrecy, or the ownership of certain sensitive contents that could be related to the trade secrets of GloTorrents.

How to bypass the ban?

Since you know the actual reason for not being able to connect with the site. So, the question is that how do you bypass the ban on GloTorrents? Well, it is pretty simple, you can either use a third-party VPNs or proxy servers that can help you to overcome the issues. However, VPNs could slow down your internet downloading speed. Therefore, we suggest you use to go with GloTorrents proxy that will definitely help you bypass the ban and let you establish a connection with the main site. Once you are there on the site, you can download the content safely without having any problem.

GloTorrents Proxy and mirror sites list of 2020

S. No.GloTorrents Proxy and mirror sitesStatusSpeed
1Unblock GloTorentsOnlineFast

Disclaimer: We don’t promote piracy through our medium. This information is for educational purpose only.

Final words

Downloading content using a torrent website is illegal across the world and due to which many of the torrent websites are facing a ban worldwide. Countries like the US, UK, and other European countries have banned access to GloTorrents in their region. But now you have the GloTorrents and mirror sites then you use them to connect to your favorite torrent site.

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