Ever since its inception circa 2010, CouchTuner has been employed by legions of users because of the principal means of watching all the latest premium TV series and films for free. In the past few years, the website underwent rapid domain changes, but its sole aim of providing free TV shows and Hollywood movies never withered. However, despite having many sub-domains to cater to a huge user base, all the known sites like http://www.couchtuner.eu are geo-restricted in many countries by ISPs. So, if you were scrounging for how to urge CouchTuner unblocked, then CouchTuner proxy and mirror sites are the sole viable solution. Before we list them out, here’s a small little bit of a preface.

What happened to CouchTuner and how to get it unblocked?

As you know CouchTuner was streaming pirated content through its various subdomains. This is why it had been subsequently geo-restricted in several countries on account of copyright issues by ISPs. Since copyright owners have long been hostile with free streaming sites, this situation was inevitable. Hope that answers the first part of your question, “what happened to my favorite free TV series streaming site?”

Meanwhile, many users flocked to sites like Reddit and Twitter to seek out solutions to get CouchTuner unblocked but were left jaded eventually. Soon, their hopes were dashed and their dreams to stream their favorite TV series and films for free of cost looked about shattered. But, the proverbial Second Coming beckoned ’em all.

CouchTuner Proxy and Mirror Sites: The Second Coming of CouchTuner2

Despite the power tussle with copyright holders, CouchTuner’s owners were quick to float a stream of new sites to counteract ruthless bans in several countries like UK, US, Germany, Canada, Australia, and others. These new sites were clubbed together and collectively referred to as CouchTuner 2.0 because they heralded its Second Coming.

These new sites can invariably get CouchTuner unblocked albeit the site’s content is geo-restricted in your region. They are also well known as CouchTuner Proxy and mirror sites. Wait, are these sites safe to browse? Read on mate.

What are CouchTuner Proxy and Mirror sites?

As we mentioned earlier, the CouchTuner proxy and mirror sites are the smart way to unblock the site’s content. These sites are a mere replica of original CouchTuner and host its entire content by using the same database albeit point to different domain names. And, CouchTuner’s staff and several big webmasters are maintaining these sites so it is quite safe.

Now then, there are other ways to get CouchTuner unblocked. Some people use a third-party proxy server but, it can unreliable from the safety perspective. Sometimes a third-party proxy server can take a ridiculous amount of your time to answer your request to bypass certain geo-restricted domains. Alternatively, you’ll also use a premium VPN service as a way to urge CouchTuner unblocked. A VPN service is understood to mask your IP address and conceal browsing history from ISPs because it routes entire web traffic through its own server(s). However, premium VPNs are a costly affair. They also tend to be download speed sloths and may intermittently affect your streaming experience and/or cause a distorted site interface. You wouldn’t prefer that, would you?

So, below is a rundown of best working CouchTuner proxy and mirror sites that will unblock the original site’s content in your country so that you can stream tons of free TV series, movies at home. Let’s get started, fellas.

20+ Best CouchTuner Proxy and Mirror Sites List of 2020

S. No.CouchTuner Proxy and Mirror SitesStatusSpeed
1couchtuner.cloudOnlineVery Fast
21mycouchtuner.coOnlineVery Fast
3CouchTuner.FROnlineVery Fast
4mrunlock.pwOnlineVery Fast
5nocensor.bidOnlineVery Fast
6unlockproject.menOnlineVery Fast
7prox4you.funOnlineVery Fast
8123unblock.partyOnlineVery Fast
9ecouchtuner.euOnlineVery Fast
10couch-tuner2.inOnlineVery Fast
11Couchtuner.rocksOnlineVery Fast
12mycouchtuner.liOnlineVery Fast
13bypassed.xyzOnlineVery Fast
14bypassed.inOnlineVery Fast
15unblocksource.comOnlineVery Fast
16unblocksource.comOnlineVery Fast
17Zen 44 ProxyOnlineVery Fast
18HideBux ProxyOnlineVery Fast
19Couchtuner UnblockedOnlineVery Fast
20CouchTuner OneOnlineVery Fast

Disclaimer: We don’t promote piracy through our medium. This information is for educational purposes only.

There you have it. The aforementioned proxy and mirror links on this page will allow you to stream free movies, TV series, and all the latest releases on the go, even if the original site is geo-restricted. Now you won’t have to rely on software or scripts to unblock CouchTuner in your country.

Can I use a VPN with CouchTuner Proxy and Mirror Sites?

To be precise a CouchTuner proxy and mirror site is quite safe to use. But, by any chance, if you don’t want your ISP to track your browsing history, we recommend using a free VPN service along with these proxy sites. A free VPN definitely wouldn’t impact your streaming experience.

Pro Tip: Always remember, ISPs are secretly tracking down new proxy and mirror sites. So, the bottom line is, you can definitely use a free VPN along with CouchTuner proxy and mirror sites.

And…that’s a wrap! Did you like our latest rundown on CouchTuner Proxy and Mirrors? We reckon to bookmark this page to stay posted about new proxy and mirror sites as we are constantly updating this list with new website links.

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