Torrent sites have rapidly evolved over the years and become well-protected, thriving communities for millions of users around the world, who share digital content for free. CGPeers is an unprecedented personal torrent tracker website to provide high-quality torrent files for everything related to computer graphics: from visual effects, 3D and graphics software to tutorials, design, computer-assisted art, Your name is this. With just a simple torrent client like BitTorrent or uTorrent at the ready, you can start the download immediately. However, the closed CGPer has been rendered inaccessible to many users and its main server is down due to ISP restrictions in many countries. The only viable options outside this mess are CGPeers proxy and mirror sites.k

What are CGPeers Proxy and Torrent Mirror sites?

If you are unable to login to your account at or you cannot access the site in your country, it is quite clear that it has been banned by your government. Copyright infringement is the primary reason due to which the site has been flagged. Now again, there has been much discussion and buzz on sites like Reddit about bypassing the ban. Some users have also had problems with their login IDs and passwords on CGPeers. Whenever others receive registration error messages when they go directly to the homepage.

Let me tell you, there are only two ways of this quicksend. You can either use a premium VPN service or rely on CGPers proxy and mirror sites that are completely free. While VPNs are a more accepted trick to bypass geo-restrictions, however, they are detrimental to download speeds. On the other hand, Proxy and Mirror sites are a good alternative to unblock CGPeers without receiving a site invitation.

These proxy sites are mere clone sites of the main domain and host the same file on differently named domains. These sites are verified by the staff member of CGPeers and community members. Hence, CGPeers proxy and mirror sites are absolutely safe and provide the best option to get the main domain unblocked instantly. Below is a rundown of 10 Fast CGPeers Proxy and Mirror sites that let you bypass all geo-restrictions.

Let’s get started fellas.

10+ Best CGPeers Proxy and Mirror Sites List 2020

S. No.CGPeers Proxy and Mirror sitesStatus
8US ProxyOnline

Disclaimer: We don’t promote piracy. This information is for educational purposes only.

There you have it. These proxy and torrent mirror sites will be enough to instantly unblock your favorite torrent tracker site, no matter which country you belong to.

Why should you use a VPN?

The answer to this question is mostly lies within you. Depending on your requirement you can select either of a VPN or CGPeers proxy and mirror sites. A VPN comes in handy when you access torrent sites and download a lot of content online. It may help you go private by keeping your identity hidden from the rest of the world. A reliable VPN also gives you the privilege of accessing geo-locked content from anywhere at any time. Also, many people don’t want to rely on third-party service as they are might not be that safe. This is where a reliable VPN comes in to tackle such issues by providing security and privacy and helping bypass geo-blocks. However, if you don’t have any concern about online privacy or browsing history then CGPreers proxy sites are are absolutely safe and provide the best option to get the main domain unblocked instantly. You can check out our checkout below the articles to decide on the best free VPNs for Android and iOS devices.

And…that’s a wrap! Did you like our latest rundown of CGPeers proxy and mirror sites? Sound off in below the comment box. Adios.

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