Are you still using Windows XP because you can’t upgrade to a new version for some reason? There are probably millions of people who still use Windows XP, although it is no longer receiving security updates. But, for your PC to work smoothly, you’ll definitely need a good VPN client software to safely browse the Internet, in addition to a solid antivirus. A VPN or virtual private network is a private data network that maintains your privacy by abstracting your Internet connection through various cryptographic security protocols. In other words, the VPN masks your Internet connection and makes your PC anonymous, thus protecting it from hackers. If you are looking for some of the best free VPNs for Windows XP, then you are at the right place! We have used the Internet to find them for you. You can benefit a lot by using these free VPNs client software on your Windows XP PC.

How to choose the Best Free VPN for Windows XP?

There are several factors to consider before deciding the right VPN option for your Windows XP system. Of course, compatibility is an issue. So, is the connection speed. Remember, there is going to be a considerable difference in browsing speed on Windows XP systems as opposed to the new Windows OS. So, whatever your VPN choice, keep these factors in mind. Without further ado, check out the 5 best free VPNs for Windows XP that are compatible and you can still use in 2020!

Best Free VPN for Windows XP

1. Total VPN

A widely used VPN client software among Windows XP users, Total VPN is supported by a user-friendly interface that makes it a clinch for first-time VPN users to browse the Internet anonymously and access blocked websites in their area. What else makes it one of the best free VPN for Windows XP? Not to forget, it employs strong encryption protocols (PPTP, OpenVPN, IkeV2, etc.) and doesn’t keep a tab on your browser logs.

In addition, Total VPNs serve to provide complete security on public Wi-Fi networks by marking your location, IP address, and personal information private.

However, the only drawback of Total VPN on Windows XP is a sluggish connection speed that ruins the overall browsing experience. You may also encounter some problems with simultaneous connections.

2. Hotspot Shield Free

Perhaps the most popular free VPN client on the Internet today, Hotspot Shield is famous for allowing easy access to blocked websites (in some countries) such as PayPal, Hulu, etc. This amazing VPN works best even if you are seeking unlimited bandwidth and superfast data transfer anonymously.

Some of the hotspot shield USPs that make it one of the best free VPNs for Windows XP in the market are the real-time IP address masking, protection from malware, spam, and phishing sites. In addition, it makes your Internet connection secure even when using public Wi-Fi networks and provides a high-speed browsing experience.

3. Turbo VPN

Turbo VPN surely resonates with its name. This free VPN software provides a stable non-fluctuating connection at turbo speeds. Unlike, its predecessor on our list (Express VPN), users won’t have to dole out any monthly or yearly premium in order to avail of the services.

Some other shiny features for example it works with LTE, 3G and Wi-Fi and enables you to create hotspots and share your connection with multiple devices. In addition, Turbo VPN uses low bandwidth to provide a seamless anonymous browsing experience.

4. Express VPN

Express VPN has quickly built its reputation as one of the fastest VPN services in the market, especially for Windows XP systems. This Superfast VPN software employs an SSL secure network with 256-bit encryption. It uses unlimited bandwidth at great speeds and effectively harnesses the strength of 136 VPN servers from over 87 countries.

Some other notable features include flexible server switches, masked network traffic, and synchronized connections to up to three systems. In addition, it uses secure protocols such as SSTP, PPTP, and Open VPN (TCP, UDP), etc. However, the free version of Express VPN is only available for a 30-day trial period, after which you will have to pay money. At a premium of about $ 12.95 per month, or $ 8.32 /month for a one-year plan.

5. IPVanish

The last in our list is another notable VPN client software that boasts tremendous potential by providing a secure browsing experience on Windows XP PCs. IPVanish is able to hide your IP address, thus masking your identity online. While it is also known for its trademark cryptographic encryption technology. This free VPN client software can easily protect your data and information from any potential threat.

IPVanish has access to over 500 VPN servers and 40,000+ shared IPs in over 60 countries. So, if you want to be virtually online everywhere, IPVanish is worth checking out. Some other great features of IPVanish include 256-bit AES encryption, no traffic logs, and 5 simultaneous connections across multiple devices. In addition, it is capable of providing unlimited bandwidth and anonymous torrenting over its secure PPTP, OpenVPN and L2TP / IPsec VPN protocols.

Despite such goodies, the downside of IPVanish is that it is a premium VPN client software, with plans ranging from $ 10 / month to $ 6.49 / month for an annual subscription. However, currently, IPVanish only offers a free trial to those who sign up for their iOS app.

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And…that’s a wrap! Did you like our roundup of the best free VPN for Windows XP? Did we miss out on any free VPN client software that you are aware of? Sound off in the comments.


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