In this article, we want to introduce you to the 10 best free online QR code generators, making it easy to create a QR code for free commercial and print use, including advertising.

What is QR Code?

QR Code Generator, also known as Quick Response Code, is a new technology used by most businesses. For example, marketers use this to increase their conversion rates for marketing campaigns. In a layman’s language, a QR code is a barcode or a matrix of a brand’s trademark when accessing information.

With the sudden increase in popularity, there are lots of free QR code generators online that claim to be the best free QR code generator and whatnot!

Don’t worry, knowing your dilemma we have compiled a list of the best 11 QR code generator software available online which will help you to create and scan your personal QR code design with logo. Some of these QR code tools may ask you to sign up before downloading the QR code image.

How to pick the Best Free QR Code Generator?

There are many things to consider when choosing an online QR code generator such as the ability to scan, track and analyze performance or if it’s compatible with normal QR code readers. Fortunately, our list includes many QR code generator software for Windows as well as Mac users as they are all available online! We have combined this list with the best free QR code generators online that can provide a comprehensive Google search.

Best free QR Code Generator Software Online in 2020

1. QRCodeGenerator

QRCode is a specialized online tool for both creating and saving instant QR code for free. If you want to convert the image to QR code or scan/change different information, then rest assured QRCodeGenerator has you covered.

With the free QRCodeGenerator, it’s only a matter of seconds. You can create a QR code from available QR code types such as email QR code, vCard, etc. Also, once you’re done with you can also save the code easily or add it to your website. It supports dynamic code, tracking, analytics, free text, vCards and more.

2. ForQRCode

A leading popular free QR Code Generator, lets users create their personal QR Codes or business QR Code with supreme quality in SVG, PNG, and EPS formats. Not to mention, this tool also supports input content such as Email, Text, Link, Location (Google Maps), SMS, Call, vCard,  WI-FI, and PayPal link.

Furthermore, with a fully responsive design and beautiful interface, this generator can look stunning on almost any device. However, users can not register or login to churn out any QR codes with data input. But never mind, there is no limit on its usage.

3. QRStuff

This dynamic QR code generator is slightly different from the other best free QR code generator software on our list. QRStuff is a QR code generator as well as an online creator and is 100% ad-free with a permanent QR code! Not to mention, QRStuff does not require any sign-up or account creation to provide its services. Therefore users can generate as many QR codes as they want without any restrictions on commercial use.

Also, with QRStuff you can create QR codes with a logo ready to be added to a T-shirt and even print them anywhere. There is a lot of scope for creating smartphone-readable 2D barcodes that include Google Maps location, Vcard contact information, URL, or any other social media link.

4. Mobile Barcodes

Another fantastic unit in our list of the best free QR code generator software, Mobile Barcodes can be used to create the QR-code of your choice. But, the real novelty factor here is that you can create super cool QR codes from any content you like (such as contact details, website, social media links and messages) and share them with mobile users on Facebook. As soon as you have created your QR code, you need to use your mobile phone’s software to retrieve the data stored in the QR code.

5. Goqr Code Generator

An amazing tool that allows you to “read to text”, URLs, phone numbers, SMS or vCard. Thanks to its intuitive layout and easy interface that makes the process worthwhile. With Goqr Code Generator, one can generate free color QR codes in addition to the usual black and white color variations. You can also add background/foreground colors, upload your company logo, and do a lot of creative stuff.

In addition, this nifty generator allows you to read the text, phone numbers, URLs, vCard, or SMS. For people who do not know, linking to vCard allows people to read QR codes easily and instantly save their contact information.

6. The QR Code Generator

“QR Code Generator” is a free online QR code generator that helps you make your own QR code instantly. It supports analytics, tracking, free text, vCards, dynamic code, and more. However, the contents of the QR code cannot be changed as soon as they are created.

If you use a web browser like Firefox or Chrome and you have a webcam on your computer, you can also scan the QR code with your web browser using “The QR Code Generator”. Apart from this, you can also send a link from the phone to your desktop browser.

7. Tec-it

Tec-It is a unique free online QR-code generator that churns out QR-codes exclusively in PNG format. It can be used to create QR codes for web pages, phone calls, emails, URLs, Facebook posts, tweets, text messages, WiFi access, events, meCard / vCard electronic business cards, and more.

8. QrCode Monkey

QR Code Monkey is a free QR code generator that creates QR codes with logo-images. If you want to scan/create QR codes online with logos, colors, images, and vector platforms like EPS, PDF, and SVG, etc., then look no further than QRCode Monkey.

This dynamic tool allows you to create QR codes for free commercial use. Monkey QrCode also creates its own QR code for Facebook, vCard, Youtube, URL and more. You can instantly download in print quality formats such as PNG, PDF, SVG, and EPS.

9. Uqr Code Generator

Do you want to keep an eye on the conversion rate of your QR code campaigns and also generate unlimited QR codes for free? No problem, Uqr code generator is by your side. Cheeky introduction aside, This dynamic tool can easily produce multiple QR codes and save your time by bringing all your QR codes under a single view so that you can use your QR Code campaign To improve conversion.

10. Visualead

The last QR code builder on our list, Visuald differs from its peers in many ways. With its artistic QR code technology and O2O, Visualead has developed deep expertise in machine learning AI, computer vision, and computational mathematics. You can use Visualead whatever you want as it is protected by patent/patent applications in many countries.

11. Unitag

Unitag Design is a free tool for QR codes that is just a click away. Unitag supports many QR code templates, colors, logos and background options. Try Unitag today!

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And…that’s a wrap! Did you like our latest rundown of the best free QR code generator software? Did we miss out on any other that you know of? Sound off in below the comments.


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