Losing an iPhone is the rarest incident however, it is always at the risk of getting damaged, stolen, or lost. You cannot monetarily evaluate the cost of losing an iPhone, but it can be agreed that photos, contacts, messages, music, and other personal information stored on the iPhone are worth a lot more than the device. So, how will you retrieve or restore all the lost data/information? By going through our list of the best free iPhone data recovery software, of course! After all, we scanned the web for you to find these sneaky gems that can restore all your important data.

How to select the best free iPhone data recovery software in 2020?

Ideally, you can recover lost data from a hard drive somehow, but it is a great accomplishment to survive from an iOS data gaff unless you have a formidable iPhone data recovery software. But first, you need to identify the data types, the size of the files and the time/speed at which you want to get your required data back, and most importantly – the method you want to retrieve.

Your method can range from accessing data from iTunes backup, iCloud backup, or deleting inaccessible data from damaged or corrupted iPhone/iOS devices. Remember, even if the iPhone is lost, you can recover the lost data especially the music until iTunes/iCloud sync and update periodically.

So, are you ready for our roundup of the best free iPhone data recovery software? Let’s get started-:

Top 10 Free iPhone Data Recovery Software in 2020

1. iMobie PhoneRescue

A complete data recovery solution for all iOS and Android users, it offers three modes of data recovery from iTunes, iOS devices and iCloud. This comprehensive recovery program allows you to find your lost photos, messages, contacts, music and more.

Like many other iPhone data recovery software, you can also preview thumbnails of deleted files before recovery. iMobie PhoneRescue is compatible with iPad, iPhone, and even iPod Touch. However, the downside is that you will not be able to retrieve any overwritten data.

2. iMyFone D-Back

Considered as one of the best free iPhone data recovery software, iMyfone D-Back features data recovery on both Mac and iPhone, as well as any iOS-based device whose data is accidentally deleted or damaged. You can recover data such as iMessages, WhatsApp texts, notes, contacts, photos, call history, etc.

In fact, iMyFone can restore data directly from the iCloud backup, iTunes, and even iOS devices and easily restore from iOS devices to recover what you want.

3. Syncios Data Recovery

Using Syncios data recovery software, you can deftly restore all lost or deleted data from your iPhone, or other iOS devices even if you are a first-timer and has no experience in retrieving lost data in the past. It can retrieve important data types such as documents, audio files, videos, contacts, messages and more.

You’ll be happy to know that Syncios not only recovers data from iPhones and iPads but also acts as a charm to reinvent older iPods.

4. Aiseesoft Mac FoneLab

A formidable iPhone data recovery tool that boasts a very easy-to-use and intuitive interface. It does helps that Aiseesoft Mac FoneLab is fully compatible with the latest iOS versions.

Mac PhoneLab is a solid contender in our list of the best free data recovery software. It has the ability to recover 19 data types with ease and grace. Furthermore, this free data recovery tool is very fast when it comes to digging up lost data such as call history.

5. Leawo iOS Data recovery

Another notable iOS data recovery software, Leawo iOS Data Recovery is compatible with all iOS devices. It offers a multitude of features such as file search, file preview, and filtering options.

This is your best-suited bet if you want to recover lost or accidentally deleted information/data such as songs, videos, calendars, contacts, messages, notes, et al. from your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Apart from this, Leawo also supports the latest iOS-based devices such as iPhone 10, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, and others.

6. EaseUs Mobisaver

EaseUs Mobisaver is a very simple and easy-to-use iPhone data recovery software that is compatible with older iPhones such as the iPhone 6 and 6S as well as the latest iOS devices. Of course, EZUS Mobiserver allows you to preview lost files before recovery begins.

Although, one of its biggest limitations is that sometimes it takes a significant amount of time to connect to an iPhone, but once connected it works smoothly.

7. Tenorshare iPhone data recovery

Tenorshare iPhone data recovery is a very useful tool. There is a robust mechanism for recovering 15 types of files on your iPhone, and, oh, it also gives you the ability to preview restorable data in 3 different recovery modes. However, Tenorshare is not as fast as any of the above software and it can take a long time to retrieve all the data.

8. Tipard iOS Data Recovery

An incredibly fast iPhone data recovery software tool, Tipped iOS Data Recovery can retrieve lost data from your iPhone in an instant. It supports various file formats such as messages, notes, photos, and contacts from your iPhone as well as your iPad and iPod touch.

9. iSkysoft iPhone Data Recovery

Thanks to a very hands-on and intuitive interface, iSkysoft is a no brainer to retrieve data from an iPhone. It is a cakewalk for users who are recovering data on their iPhone for the first time.

In addition, this free software allows you to select multiple types of data and return them safely to your device. However, a major limitation of this device is that it is very slow and demands a lot of time to scan the device.

10. FonePaw – iPhone Data Recovery

We are closing our roundup with one of the best free iPhone data recovery software. FonePaw – iPhone data recovery may come in handy for first-time users who are completely unaware of the specifics of iPhone data recovery and want a quick fix to their woes. You can recover lost data from iMessage, WhatsApp, Safari bookmarks, camera roll, calendar and iPhones such as iPhone, iPod touch and even iPad.

You will be happy to know that it also supports older iOS devices such as iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S Plus, iPad Pro/Air, and iPhone 6! In addition, FonePaw- iPhone Data Recovery is fully compatible with Mac OS and comes with a good iTunes with a backup feature.

And…that’s a wrap! Did you find our article on the best free iPhone data recovery software helpful? Did we miss out on any other free data recovery software that you know of? Sound off in below the comments.

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