If you are passionate about creating music or just starting your music creation journey, then you probably need a good audio editing software or digital audio workstation (DAW) to showcase your talent. To accomplish this, you may have to purchase some very expensive professional studio DAWs available on the market. Don’t fret, even if you’re short on money, you can still make some awesome tunes by grabbing the best free audio editing software or audio editor for recording and mixing music similar to expensive professional studio DAW without spending any money.

So, what is the best audio editing software for beginners? Well, there is a wide array of DAWs available out there that market themselves as the best free DAW software, or claim to be the best audio editing software for beginners. How do you know which ones are good and which ones should be exempted?

Knowing your forecast, we have compiled a list of the best audio editing software for beginners on platforms like yours (Windows / Mac / Linux). So, are you ready to find the best free audio editing software for beginners, which will be nurtured by music lovers? Down below is our roundup: –

Note You can download them all because they are free!

The Best Free Audio Editing Software for Beginners

1. Audacity (Windows, Mac and Linux) [Best DAW for Voiceover Recording]

We begin our list of the best free audio editing software with Audacity. For those of you who are not aware, Audacity is an open-source program that covers all the basic audio editing/recording needs.

Best Free Audio Editing Software (DAW) for Beginners

Despite its features and lack of basic interface design, Audacity is widely popular. You can create multi-track recordings, add effects ranging from removing noise, stretching time, correcting pitch, changing keys, and even making some basic dubstep loops with a little twist.

However, Audacity has some drawbacks such as the lack of built-in VSTs, compatibility issues with most third-party VSTs, and its destructive editing style with one-time effects that are permanent, making it a very good DAW.

2. Tracktion 6 (Windows/Mac/Linux) [Overall Best DAW for beginners]

This DAW was released as a free audio editing software specifically for Behringer customers in 2016 but is now absolutely free for all. With a fast audio editing and mix workflow, Tracktion 6 should keep most audiophiles’ ears satisfied. Besides, it is compatible with most VST plugins (Virtual Instruments) and boasts a very fine and streamlined user interface.

What makes it one of the best free audio editing software? Tracktion 6 is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux for free and users can take advantage of features such as Warp Time Audio Editing, Z-Plane’s Elastic Pro Time Stretch Algorithm, and its Nifty Time Correction Tool Kit.

Tracktion 6 has more highlight features under its belt that make it one of the best audio editing software for beginners, namely: an enhanced plugin management system, tape-style start/stop effects, dedicated sub-mix and automation tracks, And a strong audio Compilation tool.

3. GarageBand (Mac) [Best affordable audio editing software for Mac]

GarageBand comes pre-installed in Mac systems with a sound library replete with a dazzling array of VST and AU(Audio Unit) plugins, presets for guitar and voice, as well as a full-fledged selection of session drummer loops and percussion samples. It provides multi-track recording and plenty of preset loops for various instruments ranging from keyboards to guitars as well.

Best Free Audio Editing Software (DAW) for Beginners

It consistently ranks high among various best audio editing software for beginners. All thanks to its sleek and intuitive user interface and great touch bar features for Mac. However, GarageBand lacks the incredible depth of the Apple Logic Pro X that usually suits professionals. But the good news for beginners is that Garageband is still a great DAW to play around with and craft tunes, plus it’s absolutely free!

4. OcenAudio (Windows, Mac and Linux) [Best DAW with the cleanest UI]

OcenAudio is faster and lighter than Audacity. It comes bundled with a barrage of effects including reverb, compression and EQ, which can all be implemented and tweaked in real-time.

It also provides VST support for third-party plugins and contains loads of useful tools such as spectrograms for more users. It is also blessed with the cleanest UI in the game which is an attractive one for first-time users. Though, one major drawback of this audio editing software is that it doesn’t allow multi-track sessions and supports single stereo/mono files.

Therefore, you cannot record and mix multiple instruments in your home studio. But if you are looking at stereo music files, or mono audio files for voice recording, then OcenAudio is your best free audio editing software.

5. PreSonus Studio One 3 Prime (Windows and Mac) [Best DAW for PC]

Launched by PreSonus, Studio One 3 Prime is another great music making software. It has all the tools a beginner would need to start producing great music. For a free version, it boasts surprisingly unlimited audio and MIDI tracks, as well as unlimited sound FX.

Also, Studio One 3 Prime is loaded with drag-and-drop functionality, which gives it a super smooth feel with a bunch of nifty features thrown in for a good measure to enhance your mix/track.

6. MixPad (Windows and Mac) [Best Free DAW for PC]

A coherent multi-track recording and mixing software, MixPad streamlines the audio recording process by mixing the power of professional recording and mixing through a single platform. It creates an eclectic mix for less-experienced budding music enthusiasts and is considered a step in the list of best audio editing software for beginners.

The minimal download file size allows users to create music within minutes. The other features such as multi-track recording, a multitude of free effects, and a full sound library, making it a compact DAW for beginners. Also, you can save your audio tracks in any audio format from MP3, WAV to FLACC, which is always very useful.

7. Soundtrap (Windows, Mac and Linux) [Best online DAW for in-browser editing]

Probably one of only a few unique entrants on our list, SoundTrap is an in-browser online DAW that is quite easy to use. It is accessible to everyone from beginners to professionals.

Users can immediately start making music online using their web platform. What else is there in the soundtrack that injects it into the best audio editing software for the initial list? The soundtrack also boasts a collaborative ability for you and your bandmates to share and work on projects so that producing music from far away places becomes a reality. However, being an in-browser DAW, the soundtrack lacks some features and processing power.

8. Zynewave Podium (Windows) [Best free DAW for MIDI recording]

Podium is great freeware software by Zynewave. It is a complete audio and MIDI recording program with multi-track support (although one input/output can be used at a time), bundled plugins, and VST support.

However, the freeware version of the podium comes with some restrictions such as a 64-bit mixer engine option, multiprocessing, and more. But, it is still a strong contender among the best DAWs on the market which is full of editing options for its intuitive interface design.

9. Ohm Studio (Windows and Mac) [Best DAW for collaborations with friends]

A unique feature of the majestic DAW is that it truly stands on our list of the best free audio editing software for beginners – Ohm Studio is a collaborative audio editing program in which you can invite others to your project or other projects in real time.

This is extremely beneficial if your band members are on the distant ground and provide a great platform for any member to give in to their inputs at any time. Beyond collaboration, Ohm still offers a great package of beautiful DAWs with lots of tools and effects in a smooth workflow.

10. AudioTool (Windows, Mac and Linux) [Best DAW for beginners using Linux]

Here is another powerful in-browser online DAW that made it to our list of the best audio editing software for beginners. It has thousands of samples for working with virtual instruments (VSTs) and effects and this effect can be created manually to make your sounds sound like 80s disco music producers. In addition, Audiotool allows you to store all your projects on the cloud for easy access anytime, anywhere.

Bonus additions on our list of the Best Free Audio Editing Software

11. Wavosaur (Windows)

Perhaps a term derived from “dinosaur”, Wavosaur is indeed ancient, but it still works if you’re searching for the best audio editing software for beginners. Funny enough, the Wavosaur resembles a DAW that may be the missing link in development between tape cutting and modern DAW. With a download file size of only 1.3MB, it is like an on-the-go audio editing tool.

The latest version of the Wavosaur was launched back in 2013 and it still retains its charm. The USP of Wavosaur lies in providing a very basic user interface, loads of great analysis tools, and ease of volume automation. It also supports VST but doesn’t come preinstalled with any.

12. Pyramix (Windows and Mac) [Best DAW for creating music videos’ scores]

Unlike its reputation as one of the best audio editing software for beginners, Pyramix is actually a digital audio workstation frequently used by professional audio engineers in recording studios and audio-related industries around the world for music production, post-production in TV, film, and CD mastering.

Pyramix’s USP lies in providing flexible advanced equipment as well as amazingly accurate accuracy. For those seeking a DAW in which they can work to create video and audio as well as music videos, Pyramix is ​​easily your go-to editor.

In addition, Pyramix has many small features that make it shine compared to the other best free audio editing software on our lists such as importing audio to fully adjust the audio and dual-screen optimization. On the downside, beginners could find Pyramix a bit confusing because there is a steep learning curve to getting used to it.

And…that’s a wrap! Did you like our latest round-up of the best free audio editing software for beginners in 2020? Did we miss out on any great options that you know of? Sound off in below the comment box.

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