If you frequently download HD movies online, you should be familiar with aXXo Movies, a popular movie download site that offers high-quality DVDrip movie torrents via magnet links at a blazing speed. The name “AXXo” is derived from the famous Internet nickname of a man who released a movie DVD for free online circa 2005-2009. Over the years, thousands of people have downloaded movie torrents from aXXo Movies magnet link. However, after seeing its wide reach and growing popularity, many ISPs, and law agencies contributed to getting the blocked official site axxomovies.org in many countries. As of 2020, the best option for unblocking it is through the aXXo Movies Proxy and Torrent Mirror Sites.

What happened to aXXo Movies? How to get it unblocked?

These are harsh times for free movie download sites. In 2018 itself, more than a dozen sites were flagged off by ISPs worldwide. AxxoMovies has also taken the brunt of this attack as it has been held liable for unethically providing free HD movies.

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Despite going into a passive mode and doing its best to avoid the ban, aXXo Movies site is no longer available in many countries. However, as of 2020, the best option to get it unblocked is via aXXo Movies aXXo Movies proxy and mirror sites.

Some may argue that a more mainstream solution is the use of a VPN service. Agreed, but a VPN costs a dozen and can affect your download speed in addition to being CPU intensive.

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Conversely, aXXo Movies proxy and mirror sites do not face such restrictions as they are cloned sites of aXXo Movies Torrent and include the same database, index and torrent files as official sites on different domains.

So, below the list of 10+ best working AXXO movie Proxy and mirror sites will unblock the main domain in your country instantly. Now download all the movies you want in full HD for free. Let’s get started

10+ Best aXXo Movies Proxy and Mirror Sites List 2020

S. No.aXXo Movies Proxy and Mirror SitesStatus
4aXXo AlternativeOnline
6unblocked.tw Online
8US ProxyOnline
10UK ProxyOnline

Disclaimer: We don’t promote piracy through our platform. This information is for educational purposes only.


There you have it. You can simply click on any of the above-mentioned proxy and torrent mirror sites and start downloading tons of movies without ever compromising on download speeds. However, I would reckon using a free VPN along with these proxies to mask your IP address from ISPs.

And…that’s a wrap! Did you like our latest rundown on the aXXo movies proxy sites? If you know of any other aXXo movies proxy and mirror sites, sound off in the below comment box.

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